About us

We are Webdesigndom, Montreal Web Developers. We design and build first-class websites. Websites that are visible, visited and user-friendly. And, with the right  SEO and marketing mix (since that’s a vital ingredient) successful and profitable for our clients.

We are a small crew, yet sharp and creative. Small enough to keep focus (and our fees reasonable). Sharp, to deliver quality product in a reliable, professional manner. Creative, to supply good ideas and convert them into a feature-packed, attractive package.

In Montreal and the rest of Canada, the USA, Europe and beyond, we serve clients with web design, website improvement, on-page and off-page SEO, PPC, branding, content writing and other web services. And general web consultation is an important part of what we do.

But enough about ourselves (though you may want to read our mission statement page). For us, “About You” is much more important. So, read the next column.

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So, how About YOU?

You might be a retailer with a brick-and mortar store who wants to expand into the almost limitless world of e-commerce – locally, country-wide or way beyond. Or a distributor / importer wanting to attract retail stores. A service business with a great concept brewing. An organization that wants to get its ideas across. Or someone different altogether.

And so you’ll want a website (which in today’s world is the only way to go).

You may even have a website already but want to expand or improve it, or boost the web traffic you are getting. After all, traffic is vital, although it then has to convert to sales to meet your goals.

You might be in Montreal (which, admittedly, would be more personal – and yes, we make a very good cup of coffee), or anywhere else – nowadays it doesn’t really matter.

The possibilities of where you’re coming from (literally and figuratively), are vast. And so are the possibilities of how you can go about succeeding with your website. There are challenges for sure. There always are. But we can jointly turn them into success.

So tell us about yourself. Drop us a line on our Contact page. We’ll get back to you very soon.  And you won’t even have to ask your accountant; the price is right : it’s free.

Our Clients: